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Make This Christmas Celebration Memorable With Homemade Cake Recipes

Christmas is one of the most important festivals for a major section of the population let’s make it important and do something special on this day. Many family members and friends come together to enjoy the flavorsome and delicious taste of Christmas food.

A Christmas celebration is considered incomplete without a delicious yummy traditional cake. With a homemade traditional cake, you can make this day more memorable for everyone.

Nowadays, there are many recipes are available to enhance the taste of traditional Christmas cake with tasty and delicious toppings. These recipes make this day very significant and lovely when everyone is going to eat something extraordinary on the eve of Christmas festival.

Impress your guest with a show-stopping Christmas cake that tastes as great as it looks on the dessert table. However, a homemade cake is much more preferable than buying online. A homemade cake shows your love and care to your loved ones.

Keep in mind; it is important that you pick the correct cake pan when you are making a cake. Regardless of whether it is a round cake, a square one or one in the shape of the Christmas theme, preparing a cake can be enormously fun and extremely effective.

Here are some of the famous and easy to make Christmas cake recipes you can easily make at home:

1. Chocolate Cherry Cake

A chocolate cherry cake is considered as one of the best traditional Christmas cake. There are many types of chocolate cherry cake; however, the emotions and love this cake signifies are different from any other loaf. Chocolate Cherry Christmas cake history way back in New England in 1600 and over time people start choosing fancy cakes. However, when it comes to completing the tradition of Christmas, no cake can beat Chocolate Cherry Christmas cake. The recipe is easy to understand and follow; collect all the ingredients required and follow the directions for a lovely chocolate cherry cake.


·        170-175 g dried out bitter cherries

·        250-350 g raisins

·        250-350 g sultanas

·        170-180 brandy

·        80-110 g butter

·        415-435 g tin black cherries in syrup

·        120-160 g dark brown muscovite sugar

·        2 medium eggs

·        40-55 g corn flour

·        2 tablespoon of mixed spice

·        80-100 g polenta

·        60-75 g ground almonds

·        80-100 g grated dark chocolate

·        175-200 g chopped cherries


·        Mix some ingredients such as cherries, raisins, and sultanas and brandy in a bowl. Cover the bowl with a cotton cloth and leave it to soak overnight

·        Lubricate the base and sides of the non-metallic bowl and wrap a double layer of newspaper

·        Whiz the black cherries and put it aside to let it cool down

·        In another large bowl, mix butter and sugar with an electric whisk until you see that the mixture is light and fluffy

·        Add eggs and mix them appropriately, then gently fold the mixture in the corn flour

·        After folding the mixture in the corn flour mix spice, and polenta

·        Then, you have to mix almonds and chocolate

·        Stir the mixture in the soaked fruit, cherries, and 4 tablespoons of syrup

·        Put all this mixture into the cake pan of your choice, preferably on a round shape cake pan

·        Bake it for four hours

·        Once the cake is ready, cover it with a clean cotton tea towel and leave to cool completely

2. Chocolate Cake trifle

Why throw away the leftover cake when you can easily turn it into another delicious form of X-mass cake? Sometimes, a major part of the traditional Christmas cake is left which is used on the night of Christmas Eve. Use a little magic of your hands, take a little help from the recipe, and turn that leftover cake into a delicious Christmas Cake Trifle. Collect all the ingredients given below and follow the directions to make a simple Christmas cake trifle.


·        180-200 g iced fruitcake loaf or any leftover cake

·        120-150 g of fresh cranberry sauce

·        Icing sugar

·        450-500 g of fresh vanilla custard

·        Brandy

·        200-250 ml aerosol UHT

·        Edible silver balls for decorations


·        First, arrange a large glass container and put cake pieces in its base

·        In another small bowl, stir cranberry sauce with enough icing sugar and spoon over the cake layer

·        Put brandy into the tub of custard and once you are satisfied with the quantity, pour the mixture over the cranberry layer

·        Spread out enough whipped cream to cover the top of the trifle and once you are pleased with the amount of whipped cream sprinkle a few silver balls for decoration

·        Keep in mind, serve the cake swiftly as the cream starts to deflate in moments

3. Christmas Cake decoration: Snowflake Sensation

When it comes to Christmas decorations, don’t just stop at decorating your house when you can easily decorate a simple cake into a snowflake sensation. Children love Christmas and it will be the cherry on top if you give them a Christmas theme decorated cake. Snowflake decoration is one of the easily Christmas decorations you can apply on your simple fruit cake or vanilla cake.


·        8 inches of round cake ( preferably fruitcake or simple vanilla cake)

·        2 tablespoons of apricot jam

·        350-450 g of ready-rolled marzipan

·        Icing Sugar

·        500-600 g of deep blue icing

·        175-200 g white icing

Other things you need

·        Snowflake cutters

·        Silver balls

·        Ribbon

·        Silver glitter


·        Gently put the cake on a cake stand and apply jam all over the cake. Make sure to cover the whole cake with jam

·        Stretch out the marzipan, position it on top of the cake

·        Then, gently press down the marzipan over the top and sides

·        Cover the cake with blue icing and later on dust icing sugar

·        Lightly brush the sides and top of the cake with water

·        Gently flatten the icing over the top of the cake and sides with your palms

·        Again dust the worktop with icing sugar and then roll out white icing

·        Stick snowflakes of various sizes on the cake using little water

·        For a little decoration, wet the center of each flake and stick a silver ball

·        Leave the cake for a minute or two and then gently brush the cake with water and sprinkle edible glitter as water helps the glitter to stick

·        In case, you feel you have used an excessive amount of glitter then use a dry pastry brush to even out the glitter

·        Store the cake in a cool place for 10-15 minutes

A Christmas celebration without a cake is as if a body without oxygen. Therefore, to make your celebration more enjoyable for your loved ones get a yummy delicious traditional Christmas cake.

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