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5 Tips on Easy Living With Food Allergy

If you live with a food allergy then you’ll know just how tricky this can be and how many areas of your life are going to be impacted as a result. There are many food allergies out there from those who are lactose intolerant to others who have difficulty when it comes to gluten or nuts. Whilst this is an obstacle it doesn’t have to cause you massive problems in your life and there are tips which you can use to ensure that life is much easier, regardless of the allergy that you are struggling from.

Let’s have a look then at 5 tips on easy living with food allergies.


It is vital that you have cross-contamination in your mind when you are living or working with others, sometimes your food just needs to come in contact with theirs and it can cause you a problem. The easiest way to do this is to get yourself a sticker maker and create some allergy labels using Sticker You, so that everyone at home and at work knows which is your stuff, and what not to put near it.

Reading Labels

Something which you will have to learn to do very well is to read the labels on the back of products before you have bought them. Not every product maker will explicitly put on the back of the label what ingredients are in the products, so you need to get good at spotting the ingredients which are going to cause you problems. The best course of action is that if you aren’t sure, then don’t buy it.

Spotting the Symptoms

Eating foods which you are allergic to can be life threatening and this is why it is absolutely essential that you learn about what symptoms you experience when you have eaten something which you shouldn’t have done. Whether it is redness, soreness, swelling or itching, the sooner you spot the signs, the quicker you can be at getting help if you have accidentally eaten something which you are allergic to.


Sometimes even going out to a restaurant can be a challenge as you will have little idea how food is prepared and whether or not they have used the same cooking equipment on your food as they did on that of another dish. If your friends want to meet up then the best thing you can do is to cook instead, and invite them around to your place. When you cook you will know exactly what has been put into the meal and how it has been prepared.


Many people who know that they have a food allergy are caught out as a result of something that their friend or family does, and this is largely down to the fact that they didn’t know about it. This is why the onus is very much on you to ensure that everyone knows what allergies you have, in order to remove any risk of an accident happening.

A food allergy is only a setback and you can still enjoy an easy life if you follow these tips.