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Iron Core beyond the limits of stainless steel pans

Stainless steel pan is a polarizing cookware among the people who enjoy the cooking. It is loved by people for its durability, easy cleaning and maintenance, and excellent cooking performance. However, some people do not use it since it takes long time to preheat due to its low thermal conductivity and hard to cook delicate foods such as eggs and fish because food tends to stick to the pan if it is not sufficiently preheated.

A pan which overcame the problem of low thermal conductivity in stainless steel pan is now being funded on Kickstarter. Iron Core is a product that increases the preheating speed and shortens the preheating time with better thermal conductivity than conventional stainless steel pans, so that food can be cooked quickly and deliciously.

Pan made of new material to save time and energy

Iron Core is a metal pan made with ‘Iron Core Clad’, a new material that combines only the advantages of stainless steel’s excellent corrosion resistance and durability and iron’s exceptional thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity has been improved by two times more than the existing stainless pan, and the thermal conductivity speed has also been improved by 200% to enable fast preheating. It can reach the optimum preheat temperature of 185°F in less than one minute, so you can cook your food quickly and not worry about burning it. In addition, because the heat preservation rate is high, you can cook your food with low heat, which is economical to save electricity or gas.

Specialized for Induction Heating type, can be used on any types of range.

Iron Core is a product specialized for IH (Induction Heating) type electric ranges such as induction, highlight, and hot plate. This is because Iron Core Clad, the new material contains an All-Ferrite iron plate with three times more carbon content, which responds better to magnetism, and is thinner and lighter than conventional induction cookware. So, heat is transferred much faster and more evenly. Don’t worry if you use gas range, it also can be used with gas range too.

Use your pan permanently.

Existing stainless steel pans sometimes deform due to the damage from excessive heat, but Iron Core is durable and can cook even on low heat after preheating the pan. This allows Iron Core to prevent itself from thermal deformation. The 7th generation ceramic coating with high strength is applied to the outer surface to make it a scratch-resistant pan that can be used permanently if managed properly.

Cook efficiently with three different sized pans.

For optimal use with various types of food, Iron Core is available in three sizes: 9.5 inch, 10.2 inch, and 11 inch. 11.25 inches for steaks and barbecues, 10.2 inches for spaghetti and stews, and 9.5 inches for fried eggs.

Meet Iron Core on Kickstarter, which makes cooking easier and simpler with its excellent thermal conductivity. Your cooking time will become more enjoyable.