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A Brief History of Pizza

The famous pizza is an Italian dish that has earned its popularity throughout the world. Enjoyed originally in the Mediterranean, it comes with different toppings and bases.  Back in 1889, modern pizza was born when the talented Raffaele Esposito whipped up the “Pizza Margherita” for the Queen consort of Italy. From the Margarita, we have come far. Pizza can be enjoyed at home or at pizzerias all over the world. Delivered quickly to homes everywhere, they are handy after a hard day at work. With your customised toppings, they have become a favourite and easy dish for a busy lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the classics here!  

The Vegetarian Pizza 

One of the most popular pizzas around, the vegetarian pizza comes with various combinations. It can be spicy for those lovers of hot food! It is a great opportunity to blend those exotic vegetables such as peppers, eggplants, and olives. Even if you are not a fan of vegetables, this one might surprise you. Veggies combined with a delicious sauce and amazing cheese can work wonders on your tongue. With a dash of green chillies and onions and a sprinkle of oregano, you will find yourself enjoying this beautiful dish.  

The Hawaiian  

The Hawaiian pizza is another classic one; on paper, it does not make sense to add a sweet fruit such as the pineapple to cheese and yet… it is without a doubt a sinfully delicious pizza. Alongside your pineapple, ham is the perfect accompaniment. Whilst one provides a sweet and almost tangy taste, the other offers a salty and smoky taste. And this marriage creates something beautiful for your palate.  

The Pepperoni  

One for the lovers of pepperoni! This pizza is a simple one. Scattered with chunky pieces of pepperoni, this pizza is a popular one for all the family. The pepperoni sticks to the cheese in a perfect amalgamation, leaving the perfect salty taste on your tongue. You can even jazz up your pizza with some olives. If you fancy a sizzling one, add some jalapenos and enjoy! 

BBQ Chicken Pizza 

If you love barbeques and pizzas, this one is for you. Putting together tender chicken pieces drenched in a smoky barbeque sauce alongside onions and other spices, this pizza is a heady sensation for your taste buds. Yes, you will probably end up with sauce on your chin and your chinos, but it is worth it. You will always go back for more.  

Creamy Prawn Pizza  

For those who prefer seafood, worry not…we have something for you too. Big juicy prawns embedded on a pizza covered with creamy sauce. The prawns are tasty and offer an amazing combination with the sauce. You might be wary of prawns on your pizza, but it is worth stepping out of your comfort zone to try this one. You will go for seconds and won’t want to share it with others!  

We hope that those classics have whet your appetite. If you do choose one of the above, enjoy sharing with some friends. Alternatively, kick back and watch the world go by as you play some pizza-themed games like Pizza Delivery Slot at Aspers.