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Ethical Cuisine & The Advent Of Cannabis Additives

The current culture in the west demands a certain level of conscientious behaviour in all aspects of life. The melting ice caps, natural disasters, the irresponsible and corrupt behaviour of corporations and politicians are making headlines every day, and many folks are responding with changes to their lifestyles.

Between activism, volunteer and community work, limiting your carbon footprint and eating local as much as possible, you can make a small difference and perhaps influence others. One person can’t change the world, but a transition to a more sustainable society has to start at the individual level.

In this post,

Start with Some Reading

The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen and Eating Animals by Jonathan Saffron Foer are both great books that will make you think about where your food comes from, the implications of processed foods and factory farms and your own personal health. Once you start looking into global agriculture and the food industry, you’ll never experience the grocery store in the same way you once did.

A Pain in the Pocketbook

The farm to table trend has certainly taken off in most major cities, in addition to some far flung outposts that might surprise you. While eating beef, hen and rabbit that were ethically butchered, along with fresh seasonal vegetables is a delight, when the bill arrives, you may be sweating bullets. One of the reasons that factory farms and multinational distributors like Sysco thrive is that they set their price-points so low. Farm to table restaurants are obliged to charge a premium for the extra love and care, but for struggling Millennials in the gig economy, that premium may be a deal breaker.

An Enchanted Evening in the Kitchen

If you take the bill from a trendy farm-to-table restaurant and compare it to a haul of ingredients from an upscale butcher and organic produce stand, you may dance a little jig. Cooking in the comfort of your own home to some vintage jazz with some candles lit is a great way to unwind at the end of a long week, and you have complete control over the atmosphere and company. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free way to take the edge off after a long week, you could even throw some flavour-neutral cannabis additive from Ollibrands.com – it might make the night even more relaxing, plus you won’t have to drive home.

What Are Flavour-Neutral Additives?

With cannabis products becoming legal in many states and provinces, gourmet edibles and gummies are becoming extremely popular. For those with sensitive lungs and those who don’t like the skunky taste, edibles and additives are a great way to experience the calming benefits of THC without the nuisance of smoking. For gourmet amateurs or those interested in exploring ethical cooking, sprinkling neutral additive into you dish will allow you to preserve your well-balanced flavours while enjoying a mild feeling wellbeing.

We hope this post will inspire you to do some research and merchants in your area who offer locally sourced, healthy groceries. You could even take a trip to a local farm one weekend and get a better sense of agricultural life; it’s a form of education everyone can benefit from!