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5 Tips For Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are incredibly common for many people. Experts say that as many as 70% of the population feels some sort of stress on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not only is stress unpleasant to experience, but it can actually be bad for your health

t’s in your best interest to try to eliminate stress from your lifestyle as much as possible. Take a look at some of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety. 

 Avoid Medications If Possible 

 Although there are prescription medications available for anxiety, it’s recommended to avoid them if possible. They can be extremely addicting and damage your body when used for an extended amount of time.  Therefore, you should consider natural alternatives and avoid using prescription medication if possible. 


 Believe it or not, exercise isn’t just for getting a six pack and big biceps. Exercise has physical benefits that go just beyond your looks. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are a natural stress reliever. The result is feeling less stressed and happier overall.  

If you aren’t a very active person, this could be contributing to your stress. Try to get into the habit of doing some form of exercise at least three times a week. That doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym and lift 500 pounds, either. Working out can be something as low impact as walking to work a few days a week.  

Practice Breathing 

One of the best ways to calm yourself down when you’re starting to feel stressed is to focus on your breathing. By practicing deep breathing techniques, you’ll find that your stress is much more manageable. 

If you’re not familiar with basic deep breathing techniques already, you may want to look into certain yoga poses. Deep breaths slow down your blood pressure and clear your mind. Next time you start to feel stressed out, take a few deep breaths, and watch how your mood transforms. 

 Limit Your Caffeine Consumption 

A lot of people rely on caffeine to help them get through the day. Between busy jobs and hectic home lives, it’s natural to feel your energy flagging throughout the day. While a cup or two of coffee a day is perfectly fine, drinking more than that can start to affect your anxiety levels. Drinking too much coffee will not only start to make you feel shaky and anxious, but it can increase your blood pressure. Experts recommend never going beyond your threshold for caffeine, or you may find yourself extremely anxious. 

 Find an Outlet 

 One of the biggest reasons why people are stressed out is because they feel like they don’t have an outlet where they release their stress.  Try to find an activity that makes you feel like you can express yourself. Some people express themselves rest through some sort of creative art form, while other people find that talking it out works. Find the best method that works for you.