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Top 3 Tips to Throwing the Perfect Party

When it comes to my top favourite things to do, I would put entertaining and cocktails at the top. As much as I love both of these things it wasn’t until very recently that I really learned how to do a pretty good job at both. In this article, I will be dishing the tricks of the trade that I picked up so your next party will be an absolute smash. 

Tip #1: Cocktails

Before you even begin to mix your drinks, knowing the proper glassware to use will not only ensure your cocktails taste fantastic but your guests will be impressed as well. Here are some absolute must-haves for your bar at home.

Copa Gin Glasses – The Copa de Balon or balloon glass is Gin’s best friend. The bulbous bowl leaves lots of room for ice so you can ensure a cold but not watered-down cocktail. These beautiful glasses can be used for a classic G&T or a fancier drink. 

Here is a cocktail you can make easily and serve in Copa Gin glasses for that “wow” factor, any time of year.

Recently Barentsz Gin came out with a new flavoured Gin. It’s Mandarin & Exotic Jasmine, and it is as good as it sounds. A perfect Aperitif, a cocktail to inspire the appetite, prior to a meal, is a Spanish delight called a Marianito. This delightful cocktail features Negroni and Vermouth. A classic in Spain, this cocktail looks beautiful in Copa Gin glasses with an orange twist and green olive. 

Tip #2: Great Food 

A really great party should offer a perfect mix of great food, fun and attractive drinks, and amazing ambience. Unless you are in college please skip the bag of mixed nuts or worse the pizza delivery, and instead make a touch of effort and create your own bite-sized treats. 

Consider what drinks you are serving so your food pairs well and you will be the talk of the town for a long time after your soiree. Gin, for example, pairs well with smoked salmon, strong cheeses, and mussels. The best part is each of these can be prepared in 5 minutes or less. 

Tip #3: Get Creative

There are so many great themes and ideas out there for throwing a truly memorable party, there’s no excuse to not get creative. Here are just a few ideas I am loving.

Adult Scavenger Hunt. This is perfect for your adventurous friends. Have the last clue bring them to your place for a fun surprise. Recently, Barentsz Gin ran “The Jasmine Trail” a fun pub crawl all around London. Try your hand at this fun event and your guests will not be disappointed. 

Take Away 

Throwing a great party does not have to be difficult. Choosing the right food and cocktails is easy when you keep it simple. Glassware matters so use the right glass for the cocktails you are making. Don’t forget your pairings and as a final touch add some adventure and surprise to create an event to remember.