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How to Make Parents Pay for Your Essay to Be Written by a Professional

It’s a common knowledge that students have pretty crazy lives at this age. Students may find themselves juggling between multiple assignments, extracurricular activities, jobs, personal relationships to name a few. Such a hectic schedule might not leave enough time for the students to catch up on all of their academic work. Particularly writing assignments are the ones that require a lot of time commitment and research, which may not fit in students’ tight schedules. Fortunately, there are writing services like AdvancedWriters.com where you can pay for essay to be written by experts – if you are too busy for academic writing. Although such writing services are a great help for the students, several parents may not agree with the students’ choice. Particularly, parents might have doubts about the validity of writing services and ask a reasonable question – “Why pay for the essay if you can write it yourself”? To answer your parents’ question, there are 3 major points for using professional writing services to help you achieve your writing needs.

Professional assistance

It is important to choose writing services correctly, going over their website, reviews, and prices. While some of the services might be cheap, it is recommended to opt for a more expensive, yet affordable service. The reason for choosing a reasonably affordable service is that the people working on your paper would be professionals, which comes with some great perks. Firstly, professional writers would guarantee quality content for your paper. For example, if you have a history paper to write, you can be assured that professionals will not mess up the dates and events, which is crucial for an A paper. Similarly, if your paper needs some research beforehand, the professionals will do that research and help you achieve those goals you set for your writing. Moreover, professionals will never plagiarize any content and you can be sure that your paper is unique and properly cited. Another aspect that your parents may be concerned about is the payment method for the writing services and a refund option if the results are not satisfactory. It is a good idea to do some research on payment method and refund policy of the writing service you choose. After choosing a sensible option, students might want to talk to their parents about the payment methods and discuss their opinion on that matter.


Another reason to hire professional writing services is to get the writing results you want in a timely manner. A lot of students may have different writing needs that may be hindered by some unexpected circumstances. For example, a high school student in their senior year got injured during the soccer practice. Since soccer takes place in the fall season right when the college and scholarship applications are sent out, a student might find it challenging balance all the responsibilities. Due to the injury, a student might struggle with handling school work, applications, sports, and taking care of their injury. As a result, a student might fall behind on their college and scholarship applications, which could be avoided with the help of professional writing services. It is not just the English essays that students need help with. College admission essays, scholarship essays, cover letters to get an internship, hard research papers – this is just a glimpse of what professional writing services can help with in a timely manner.

Value of writing for the future

The benefit of getting assistance from the professional writing services is not just an immediate task that the writing accomplishes. Whether students get help with a Philosophy paper or some personalized writing like college admission essay, they are also getting a good quality personalized example that they can use as a template for future writings. In other words, not only you may be getting a good grade or a scholarship approval, but also you may develop your own writing skills based on the example provided to you. Additionally, writing services do not necessarily do the whole job from scratch. Students may show their drafts to the writing services for proofreading and grammar check-ups. With the received feedback students may improve their own writing skills and achieve results they want.

If you are a student whose parents might be unsure of the whole “writing service thing”, it is a good idea to share the above points with them. Generally, trusting professionals to do a job for you is a smart decision, which is a case with writing services too.  Moreover, if the writing assignment that you need help with has a big impact on your final grade, it’s cheaper to get some help with the paper rather than paying way more for retaking the class again.