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Candice Horbacz and How Traveling Made Her Fall in Love With Cooking

Candice Horbacz has amassed quite a following on YouTube since she started her cooking channel 3 years ago and her videos receive large numbers views and plenty of comments. Unlike many who have cooking channels, Candice wasn’t trained in a fancy chef school and in truth, she didn’t really have much of a passion for cooking until her and her husband Eric Horbacz decided to leave their North Carolina home and head off for a year of travel. It was during these 12 months that she fell in love with cooking and became inspired to share her recipes and tips on YouTube, and here is how it all came about.

Weight Gains

Candice and her husband traveled throughout Europe for a year and as you can imagine they indulged in some beautiful cuisine wherever they went. This was the spark for Candice in terms of her cooking but it all came about for a slightly different reason. The pair noticed that after a couple of months of traveling that they had put on weight from all of the eating out which they were doing. Given that they were moving from place to place Candice realized how tricky it would be to meal plan and go on a diet. She began to source out local ingredients so that she could prepare food for them both in their accommodation and this is how it all began.

Fresh Produce and Passion

As Candice Horbacz began to scour the markets of countries like Slovenia, Italy, France and Bosnia she quickly realized that there was a lot of produce and ingredients which she had no idea about. She began to ask for tips and advice from the locals on how to cook these ingredients and this fanned the flames of what had already become a real passion. Candice found herself cooking more and more on their travels and usually doing so with a local expert. What Candice says blew her away the most about this is the difference in attitudes towards food. In the US we are very much a buy it, heat it, eat it society and a lot of love has been lost when it comes to fresh ingredients. After seeing a poor family prepare what she declares as ‘the most beautiful paella’ which she had tasted, she realized that cooking was about doing what you can with what you have got, and this is what ahas inspired her channel.

Real People

Candice and her husband Eric didn’t eat in fancy restaurants around Europe, they ate local food prepared by kind people and this is the ethos which she wanted for her channel. Candice shares meals and recipe ideas which everyone can get on board with and which all abilities will be able to cook, she also explains ingredients and how best to prepare them and this niche is how she has gained such a large amount of followers.