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High fiber foods that will still let you be a gourmet

We all hear that we should be getting more fiber, but a lot of people don’t take it too seriously. They envision old people drinking some fiber drink, etc. They think they go to the toilet fine, so why do they need more fiber? Well, it’s not always about that. Fiber is a very important part of the diet. It helps your health in many ways, from lowering blood sugar to making a good growth medium for those ever important probiotics. Most people don’t get anywhere near enough fiber. A common consensus among medical people is that you should get upwards of 30 to 40 grams of fiber a day. There are some schools of thought that harken back to the old days of hunter and gathering that say we should get up to 200 grams of fiber a day, though we are not sure on that, it seems like we might have to eat a tree to get that much. Fiber is generally not thought of as something fun and tasty. You think oatmeal and wheat bread, but that’s not all there is to fiber. We have put together a short list of some much tastier ways to get your fiber on.

Split peas

First and foremost on the list is the fiber powerhouse, split peas. Though not everyone loves peas, there is nothing quite like a great split pea soup. If you have never tried it, it is worth giving it a go. Split peas have over 16 grams of fiber per cooked cup, while oatmeal, another high fiber staple, is about 4 grams. You can use split peas in many more recipes than soup, but soup is just one of our favorites.


Lentils are one of the health staples of any eating. They are extremely nutritionally dense, as well as having over 15 grams of fiber, Just a little less than split peas. There are numerous recipes online for lentils, from soups to salads. People use them in gourmet dishes as they taste good, not because they are one of the healthiest things to eat, imagine that.

Avocados and Black Beans

You can get your Mexican meal on with both black bean and avocado being high in fiber. With 15 grams for the black beans, and 6.7 per half avocado, you are well on your way to a high fiber meal. Avocadoes run pretty much neck and neck with oat bran for fiber, and which sounds tastier to you? Make a nice guacamole and black bean nacho dish, and you will make the fiber in a bowl of bran flakes embarrassed.


A great source of fiber, the artichoke, has sort of fallen out of common usage these days. Many people think it’s too hard to cook or boring. Both are not true. Artichokes also have the benefit of slowing down your eating so you can enjoy it more. You can just eat the artichoke (cut off the thorns or be careful) or you can use it in artichoke salad, as well as other truly gourmet meals. Artichokes weigh in at 10.3 grams of fiber.

Raspberries and Blackberries

Who thought that your desert could be high fiber? A bowl of berries still beats that bowl of bran flakes, averaging about 8 grams for the berries. Throw them in a wine glass and top them with some heavy cream and you don’t get much fancier than that.

Remember though, this is only a short list; there are many more awesomely tasty fibers you can find with a little research. So do not fear the fiber, embrace it, the health benefits are not to be trifled with. It can lower your cholesterol, lower your weight and make you feel fuller. It can control blood sugar and insulin. Most important in our opinion is that it will help your body maintain healthy probiotics, which are showing more and more to be very important in your health. So, a little research and add some tasty fiber to your meals, your body will thank you.