Yummy Noodles & Claypot Chinatown NY

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Yummy Noodles & Claypot Chinatown NY

46 Bowery @ Canal

Yummy Noodle is a cramped popular late night destination. It’s famous for many dishes including the claypot rice dish If you’ve never tried this, it’s basically like a casserole with rice, meat and vegetables placed in a small bbq pork wonton noodles - yummy noodles chinatown ny claypot and then fired over a highly intense heat that chars the rice on the side of the bowl while cooking the meat. The juices of the meat and vegetables are infused throughout the rice. Have you had Korean Bi Bim Bap? Similar concept, but no raw egg. beef tripe, chinese 5 spice, yummy noodles chinatown ny When we went last week I would say 90% of the poeple who go there order these. It was a little too hot outside for me to indulge in a claypot so I ordered their other famous dish – won ton mian. I got it with BBQ pork. Yummy also has some hardcore authentic dishes. Sing ordered the 5 spice flavored beef tripe. Check it out. Yummy is open late.

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