Yang Rou Chuanr (羊肉串)Lamb Skewers – Elmhurst NY

yang rou chuanr elmhurst ny

Yang Rou Chuanr (羊肉串)Lamb Skewers

Elmhurst NY
(Outside the N/R Subway Stop)

Man, I was really depressed when suddenly our Yang Rou Chuanr Lamb Skewer street food vendor buddy down on Canal St disappeared. Well, we didn’t really find the same guy but we did find another Yang Rou Chaunr vendor in Elmhurst! Same great grilled lamb taste for the same low price (just $1 a stick). This one PICT0656 also has the wood charcoal grill to give the smoky flavor to the meats. He tops it off with the rye seeds and spices. Go Elmhurst!

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