Yama “yummy” Sushi – Union Square New York

yama sushi new york union square

Yama Sushi New York Union Square

122 East 17th Street
Yama Sushi has been rated one of the top sushi restaurants in New York. I’ve been to Bond St Sushi and Blue Ribbon Sushi, but when it comes to great tasting sushi at large quantities, you really can’t beat Yama Sushi. I remember about 3 years ago I went to the Yama Sushi on Carmine st with my friend Valerie and we ordered the Sushi for 2 plate which was more like sushi for 4.

Went last week with Sing and we ordered some really tasty dishes such as the Unagi Roll
unagi roll sushi yama new york

If you like Unagi, the the I Love Eel roll is for you. It’s an interesting variation of the caterpillar roll. It’s wrapped in a thin slice of cucumber around the rice. This gives it a refreshingly light taste that balances the sweetness of the rice and sesame sauce on the eel.
I Love Eel sushi - Yama Sushi union square new york

Here’s the whole platter of Sushi that we barely finished:
sushi plate at yama sushi new york

Next time you are hungry for some great tasting sushi and don’t want to leave hungry, check out Yama Sushi in New York. Yama sushi has 3 locations to stuff you up :
122 East 17th Street, 212-475-0969
92 West Houston Street, 674-0935
38-40 Carmine Street, 212-989-9330

Sadly they don’t have the nude sushi at Yama. Still looking around New York for this. 😉

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  • thanks so much for this post. I am an ex-NYCer and in town for business. I wanted to grab some take out from Yama (THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD) and needed to be reminded of some of their rolls. They don’t have an online menu, so this was a little refresher. Thanks.

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