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Wynn Casino Macau

It was a little surreal visiting the Wynn Casino in Macau – I just checked out the Wynn in Las Vegas just last year and the 2 Wynn Casinos are almost identical. At Macau, they even have a miniature Bellagio-esque watershow at night in the large lake fountain on the street. The carpeting, the chandeliers, and the dark wood paneling are exact. The Wynn casino was a lot different here in Macau however – no backpacks allowed, and definitely no cameras. Also a little strange was the absence of slot machine music in the casino – all set to silent. They did have a nice deep house progressive track on the sound system set to an "wynn casino" macau wynn cafe ambient level. Free drinks? I only got a cup of tea and a bottle of water. The hostesses didn’t come around too often (and no they were not wearing miniskirts or what not here. LOL) I don’t know, it just seemed like all business and no fun. On the slots, I lost about 100HKD (about $12 USD), I did ok on this weird dice game and came up ahead about 300-500 HKD but then quickly lost it all on blackjack where I lost 5 straight hands (dealer hit blackjack 3 times). Blackjack here is also a little weird, the dealer only draws one card face up then deals his 2nd card after everyone is done. I felt raped at this casino. The atmosphere here was tense – this is for hardcore gamblers (and triad ?). Welcome to China I suppose. I read an article recently that says Macau rakes in more gambling profits than Las Vegas on an annual basis. Not a surprise given how well I didn’t do that day. Anyhow, moving on to food, the desserts at the cafe were excellent. We ordered a chocolate torte with raspberry filling. Yum.

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