Wynn Casino Las Vegas – Parasol Up and Down Bar

wynn las vegas parasol down bar

Wynn Casino Las Vegas – Parasol Up and Down Bar

Parasol Down Bar (outside)
Wynn Casino Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV
Phone: (702) 733-4300

My sister’s friend Angus is currently on a contract gig in Las Vegas and showed us around while we were visiting. We met him at the Bellagio Casino and then quickly went over to the Wynn Casino down the strip. The Wynn Casino just opened last year and is supposedly Steve Wynn’s last and final Casino project in Las Vegas (he’s going to open a new casino in Macau). Steve Wynn as you may know was the brainchild designer behind the dancing fountains of the Bellagio Casino, the pirate ships of Treasure Island, and the volcano at Mirage. But with the Wynn Casino, it isn’t about the glitz of old Las Vegas, wynn las vegas casino bar it’s designed in a more classic modern design with calm peaceful spaces. A great example is the Parisol Down Bar. A curved escalator wisks you down past playful upside down parisols down to the outdoor space. The first thing you’ll feel is a calm relief from the dry Las Vegas dessert heat – you’re transported to a cool scenic alpine mountain reserve with a cascading waterfall against a backdrop of pine trees. Yes, pine trees in Las Vegas. Not sure if they are alive or fake but the illusion is quite convincing.

Watershow at Parsol Down Bar – Wynn Casino Las Vegas

It wouldn’t be Las Vegas however if you didn’t have some type of attraction – here it’s small video installation / clips that are performed every 30 minutes. The limestone waterfall doubles as a projection screen for these video performances (they suspend the water and dim the lights). Many of the installations make use of a pair of robotic arms above the screen to wynn las vegas casino barproduce beautiful gigantic flower petals or an eerie glowing red moon. A large female head over 200 ft tall occassionally pops up from the lake floor, glaring at you with a wide variety of facial expressions.

It’s a very interesting and unique way to have a drink with friends in Las Vegas – it’s got style without the bling bling glitz. The minimalist abstract avant garde spaces speak for themselves with an equally bold statement. If you haven’t been to Las Vegas lately you’ll know what I mean – these days it’s all about the Bridge and Tunnel Crowd being loud and obnoxious up and down the strip – which is quite annoying. But I like the Wynn Casino. I would definitely come back to check it out again in the future. Angus also mentioned that they have an exclusive “European style – clothing optional” swiming pool which could be interesting to check out next time as well.

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