Blizzard Winter Snow storm NY 2006 / WordPress 2.0

noreaster snow blizzard new york w100th street feb 11 2006

NY Winter Snow Storm Blizzard + Word Press 2.0

New Upgrade / New Server!

Yeah it is finally done.  Spent the past few weeks on upgrading from wordpress 1.21 to 2.0. It was a major overhaul. If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to ask me – I’ve had to do a few hacks to make it work right. This is definitely going to make my life easier – less manual deletes of invalid comments (gambling links, etc) and auto extensions to flickr.  Don’t care too much for the wordpress ‘themes’ though at this point. The dashboard is really cool however.  Some of the comments made from folks over the past few days may not have made it. Sorry. 

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Also moved my hosting to dreamhost cause I was hitting my monthly bandwidth quota every month.  Thank you everyone! 

Sorry for the non-food blog.  We’ve got a No’easter blizzard snow storm this weekend in NY so I’ll be sure to take some photos of the food we prepare in our “winter cabin”.  May go sledding down W100th street down to Central Park later today:

Flickr Link for photos from the ny snow storm 2006… 

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