WilliamsBurger Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

WilliamsBurger Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

williamsburger burgers

342 Wythe @ S 2nd St
Brooklyn NY
718 486 6969

What do you get when you take a good burger place like Dumont Burger and remove the hipsters? A vacuum of mediocrity devoid of atmosphere (and customers for that mater) with decent burgers that cost ½ as much. Ok so the burgers were good, but this place just tries to go too far. Their tag line is “Beefing up hipsters”!!! WTF? I guess it’s so stupid, it’s cool? Yeah I know, Silver is the new gold, chuck Norris is the new Unicorn and empanada is the new Chuck Norris. Confused? See video below…

Anyways, tagline aside I think this place could actually work if they took away the frat house plasma screens, dimmed the lighting a bit and had some decent music. Really, the food is not bad and the prices are decent for this area of town. Alas, WilliamsBurger may never be the new Dumont Burger, but hey someone’s gotta try right?

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  • Williamsburger’s manager just called and told me not to ever come back (and may have in fact been threatening me when I erased the message) because I wanted to bring back my half eaten rare burger and trade it for the medium burger I ordered, and also to pick up the cane cola I paid for and did not get. He called me “disturbed”; I can only guess that was a response to me saying I didn’t like the taste of blood.

    These guys never get it right, and I’ve been a sporadic but regular customer since their first day. The order is never complete if delivered, the burger is never cooked right if picked up. All this is common knowledge among my six flat-mates and twelve co-workers (who occupy two of the other corners on the same block, respectively)

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