Williamsburg Taco Burrito Food Cart / Truck @ Bedford & N 6th – Brooklyn NY

Williamsburg Taco Burrito Food Cart / Truck – Brooklyn NY

williamsburg taco cart

On Bedford Ave @ N6th
(Outside of UVA Wines)

New taco truck spotted in Williamsburg featuring tacos and burritos with Chicken, Beef, Pork and of course being Williamsburg a vegetarian option. But is it better than the original Super Tacos on W96th and burrito Broadway? It’s still hard to say since I’ve only tried a pork burrito for just $5 and that was a pretty good burrito. Now a true comparison would be the tacos which I’ll need to try another time. Right off the bat however, you don’t have the extended hardcore Mexican menu at the Williamsburg truck such as Cabeza, Beef Tongue, and Tripe. The hot sauce wasn’t as spicy either and the burrito was served a little on the cold side. Overall though, I welcome more street food to the neighborhood as it’s pretty much non existent.

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