Whiskey Creek – Mammoth Mountain California

whiskey creek mammoth
After our first day of snowboaring we went out to a local restaurant. The joke was “don’t eat the cath of the day” (since there wasn’t an ocean nearby) but surprisingly the seafood was good.

Appetizer #1 – Seared Ahi Tuna

ahi appetizer
This was really good and totally surprised everyone about how fresh the seafood was in Mammoth

Appetizer #2 – Crab Cakes
crab cakes whiskey creek mammoth ca
Very tasty with a full flavor. The sauce was a creamy tartar sauce.

My choice – South Carolina Soda Pork Chops
south carolina soda pork chop
This was awesome – check out the meat:

Other plates – Tenderloin of Lamb

and Seared Ahi plate:

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