Where To Get A Quickie In Chinatown

Where To Get A Quickie In Chinatown

Wing Huang Restaurant
111 Lafayette St @ Canal
NY Chinatown
212 274 0690

Wing huang restaurant chinatown ny

I’m always on the lookout for a place to get a quickie in Chinatown. A place where you can just get in and out and avoid all the weekend-fake-Gucci-bag-snatching B&T crowd. I found one and I’ll share it with you. I’m talking about a place for a quick meal of course, but I know what you are thinking of and if you do have some suggestions for that type please feel free to share with the public by leaving a comment below. HAHA. (Or while I am at it, I may as well make a plug for Fourthring.com ).

Sorry, back to the food. Wing Huang is a small Chinese diner directly across the street from the downtown 6 train exit/entrance on Lafayette so you can easily make a dash to the place and get some great food at a great price in minutes. They have a full menu of rice and noodle dishes. I recently ordered the won ton noodles with cha xiu pork. Wing Huang also has great congee as well (although I prefer the congee at Big Wong at Mott & Hester). So there you go, the next time you are in the need for a quick meal in Chinatown and want to avoid the crowds check out Wing Huang near the 6/N/R/J/M/Z trains. Enjoy!

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