Wasabi Bistro Sushi Seattle

wasabi bistro seattle wa

Wasabi Bistro

Sushi Restaurant and Bar
2311 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
206 441 6044
Wasabi Bistro Website

Was out for some training last week in Seattle and thought about giving sushi a try. After all the fish is pretty fresh out here and there is a large Japanese population in this city. After asking a several people and the concierge at the hotel, went down with a few co-workers to Wasabi Bistro. They have a full bar and live music here so Wasabi Bistro is much more than just another sushi restaurant. It’s also about a 5 minute walk to Pike’s Market so it’s pretty believable that this sushi is amazing. We ordered the chef’s special plate which includes a variety of cuts of sashimi wasabi bistro chefs plate . The winning consensus that night was the white salmon and the toro sashimi ( fatty tuna ) The freshness of this sushi was amazing – much better than I’ve had at any restaurant in New York. The price of 6 cuts of toro was only $18 (normally you pay around $7 a slice). Anyhow the next time I go out to Seattle, I’ll have to hit this place up again for sure – too bad I didn’t have time to try any others out.

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  • I live in the area and work as an engineer at Boeing and really like sushi, so I decided to drop in and give Wasabi a try on Saturday night.

    Here is what I ordered and the experience that followed: spicy tuna and california roll, seaweed salad and oyster fry. Total $27

    Let me say that I immediately noticed that the portions were very, very small. The oysters were little fried marbles and the cut rolls were extremely skimpy on fish. The seaweed salad was also a wafery boll of garnishes. I feel that I was way overcharged for “an appetizer sized portion of B grade sushi.” I even had to go get a supplemental moriawase at Sakura off Evergreen afterwards because my wife and I were still very hungry.

    As for the service, I just simply can’t see how this business will survive. Very standoffish and aloof staff. Then again, with no other customers inside, I guess other people realize that Wasabi Factory’s business model isn’t working in Washington.

    In my poor Japanese: Kono kechi na shokuryo wa hajimete. Shikamo, anmari oishikunakatta. Master to hokano sabisu hito wa nanka yuetsukan mitai na kanji. Zettai ni nidome wa konai.

    Mawari no Boeing doryo to tomodachi ni mo zettai osusumenai. Keshikaran.

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