Valentines Day Chocolates – Jacques Torres Chocolates

valentines day chocolates

Valentines Day Chocolates @
Jacques Torres Chocolate

66 Water Street
DUMBO – Brooklyn

Valentine’s day seems to come earlier every year – especially for chocolate stores! Was walking around DUMBO today and passed by the Jacques Torres Chocolate factory on Washington street. The Valentines day decorations are full blown – you can see the hearts hanging off the ceiling from the street. (Sorry for the fuzzy photo – there was just so many people going in and out of the chocolate store)

valentines day chocolates jacques torres chocolatesWithin the Jacques Torres Chocolate Store there’s so many Valentines day related items but here’s some highlights:

  • Valentine’s Day Boxed Champaign Chocolate Truffels – 50 piece $45
  • Valentine’s Day Chocolate Assortment Box – $8
  • Valentines Day Chocolate Kissing Game (with bon bons) $42
  • Valentines Day Body Butter – $8Yes smear it on and away you go….

Valentines day and chocolate are definite combinations along with flowers. I know it seems like all these holidays seem to just creap up on you so soon – I was just in Rite Aid on Jan 9th after returning from Hong Kong and I already saw Valentine’s day decorations!! But instead of waiting till the last minute there’s plenty of options. I like the Valentines gifts they offer at cause there is some pretty good selections and combos. But you can also order the Valentines day chocolates directly from Jacques Torres at :

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