Uncle Mina Falafel Kebab Restaurant Williamsburg Brooklyn

Uncle Mina Middle Eastern Falafel House

Uncle Mina Middle Eastern Falafel Restaurant

436 Union Street
Williamsburg Brooklyn
718 387 0303
On my way to the opening PS1 DJ warm up summer session, I stopped by Uncle Mina’s Middle Eastern Falafel Restaurant. Its located right next to the L train Lorimer / G train Metropolitan Stop. Uncle Mina’s Middle Eastern Falafel Restaurant shares a large backyard space with the next door Dumont cafe / restaurant. I ordered a lamb kebob sandwich that was filled with succulent slices of grilled lamb along with crispy lettuce, onions, tomatoes and seasoned with dill and tzatziki sauce. lamb kebab sandwich - uncle minas falafel middle eastern restaurant The lamb kebab sandwich was served in a pita pocket and toasted to a crisp. The sandwich is quite large and filling. I also ordered a side of homemade humus which I had to take out cause it was just too much food. I also looked for some Doogh to drink but they didn’t have any and went with the Schweppes Orange soda. I liked the packaging and the design of these soda cans. schweppes orange Maybe I should start another blog for cool packaged goods. But getting back to the food – it’s good here. I would recommend it over the bland tasting and overly busy Dumont next door. The service at Uncle Mina’s falafel middle eastern restaurant is very friendly and the backyard makes a great place to cool off in the summer heat. Which is another story because I never got into PS1. Waited there for about 2 hours in line and then gave up. Oh well there is the whole summer to try it out I suppose and gives me more time to explore the bars and restaurants out in Williamsburg. Just walked by a few interesting places like Black Betty, Tainted Lady Lounge, and then the whole strip of trendy bars and restaurants along Bedford.

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