Unagi Eel Over Rice Recipe

Frozen Unagi in rice cooker

Unagi Eel Over Rice

I don’t even know if this counts as a recipe since it’s really just 2 simple ingredients ( Unagi and Rice! ).

1) Frozen Package of Unagi (from your local Japanese grocery store)
2) 1.5 cups of Sushi Rice or a sweet rice variety such as Cal Rose / Nishiki brand.
3) Sesame seeds (garnish)

Prepare a rice cooker and cook rice till most of the water has cooked away (~10 minutes) then add your frozen unagi into the rice cooker and cook for the remaining time to finish cooking the rice! Serve over rice! Garnish with sesame seeds.

unagi over rice eel recipe The point however is not the simplicity of this recipe but really how good it tastes after you make it and the amount that it would cost if you actually went to a restaurant. Take for example Top Ramen Noodles also a very easy meal to make – you just add the noodles to some boiling water and then whatever flavor packets you have but you wouldn’t pay $12.00 for a bowl of Top Ramen at a restaurant – well maybe there are places where you can but you’d certainly be getting ripped off I’m sorry. However I would pay $12.00 for Unagi over rice as I have at SobaYa here in New York. But for only about $5 you can make it yourself pretty easily. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Unagi Eel Over Rice Recipe”

  • japanese food is great. As always, unagi donburi tastes good, and is great on hot days. However, sake is bad for your health, and don’t drink it often. Just drink organic green tea imported from Japan. The powder form is even better.

  • adding onto that, In Japan, restaurant foods are served in smaller proportions, and the menus don’t have as much food as in Taipei. However, both countries are close to each other, so it’s great to be able to fly back and forth during vacations =]

  • I love unagi don. However, I read that it contains saturated fats and cholesterol from wikipedia. Then how healthy is this? I can’t find much information on how healthy it is. I guess I cannot eat it everyday.

  • Hi! My friend and I really love unagi don. But recently I heard that it contains alcohol. FYI, we cant drink alcohol due to religion restriction. Thus, I just want a clarification if it really contains alcohol or not.

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