Cuisinart Griddler George Foreman Grill – Grilled Turkey Burgers

Frozen Turkey Burgers ‘a la BOL

I briefly talked about TT (Tiramisu Time) or JT (Julio Time) at my office Business Online a while ago and I think it is a good time to fully explain the ‘kind’ / ‘choice’ method that has evolved at the office.

The Grill : George Foreman Grill / The Cusinart Griddler

Cusinart Griddler Panini Press We used to have a George Foreman Grill which was great but then we upgraded to the beautiful stainless steel Cusinart Griddler. This is an impressive grill that does much more than the good ol’ George Foreman Grill.

The Cuisinart Griddler has removeable plates so you can have optional grill marks. You can also press Panini sandwiches or fry eggs, pancakes, etc.

Anyways, start off by turning on the grill and setting it to high. (pre-cleaning the grill is optional for those who don’t want to taste someone else’s previously grilled meats – that’s kind of gross now that I think about it.)

The Frozen Turkey Burger

There are of course endless varieties of turkey burgers to choose from. We get ours at Costco and they are the Pilgrims Pride brand which is 97% Fat Free. These turkey burgers have a pretty good taste that isn’t too dry or ultra synthetic as you’ll find in other healthy burgers. We’ve tried the Vons Brand and those turkey burgers tend to produce a lot of greese and water upon grilling.
pilgrims pride turkey burgers costco

Add The Burger To The Grill

Next, add your burger to the preheated grill and close for about 5 mins until golden brown.
cusinart george foreman grill turkey burger

The Cuban Style

Rolando invented the ‘cuban style’ for toasting the buns. Bascially you thrown in a few hamburger buns onto the grill to get your compressed grilled bread buns. (Much like you would find in a cuban sandwich or grilled panini)
cuban style bread - cuisinar griddler grill

At this point you may put on your options including:

  • Mustard
  • Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Sprouts
  • Sriracha Sauce
  • Happy Grilling!

    7 thoughts on “Cuisinart Griddler George Foreman Grill – Grilled Turkey Burgers”

    • Isn’t this machine great? My husband and I use the griddler for everything. It is such a multitasker! I wrote an ode to this great machine a few weeks back. I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

    • Where can we find these Pilgrim Pride turkey burgers? We bought them last summer at Costco in Richmond, VA but Costco says they have been discontinued. Do you know anywhere else to find these?

    • I would be interested in finding where I can purchase these turkey burgers. I also bought them at Costco and one day I went to get more and there were none.

    • I have been buying Pilgrims Pride at Shoprite in NJ, for several years and now they have been discontinued.
      They now only carry Jenny’s brand, which I did not like at all. What is going on here??? Where have all the Pilgims pride turkey burger gone.

    • I am also searching for pilgrims pride turkey burgers. Nothing at all compares to these, and I wish I could find a place that sells them.



    • Since everybody is asking where you can get the pilgrim pride turkey burgers, I thought I’d ask too. Do you know of any place?

    • pilgrim pride has discontinued their turkey burgers. i actually called their consumer relations to check because this is my favorite turkey burger. nothing was wrong with the product… just not enough people were buying them because they came out before the big health kick in this direction. please call 800.683.1968 and let them know you are interested in them. the woman i spoke with said that with enough volume they may bring them back! =)

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