Tuk – Thai Restaurant and Cafe Beijing China

Tuk – Thai Restaurant and Cafe Beijing China

Phone: 8580 0568
Westside of Soho Town (next to Annie’s) Dawang Rd

thai beijing tuk

When I lived in Beijing back in 2002, the only really good authentic non-Chinese restaurants were all near the embassies. Now a days you can get great non-Chinese food all over the city (but mostly in the ChaoYang district). Why would you want to eat non-Chinese in China? I’m not really sure but I guess sometimes you just want a variety or in most cases you have visiting friends who are picky eaters. For me, I was just really curious about checking out the new restaurants in the Beijing scene. So, my friend El-mar and I checked out newly opened Tuk, a Thai restaurant located near the SOHO Town towers in ChaoYang. They had a lunch special that included a salad, main course and drink for just 48RMB (a little less than $7 USD). I know that’s a bit pricey considering you can get about 2 or 3 main dishes at a run of the mill Chinese restaurant. Anyhow we sampled several dishes and they were all pretty well done. I particularly liked the green cury chicken and one of their salads that was made with fresh grapefruit with a spicy garlic sauce. Besides the Thai we also checked out a new Sushi Japanese Restaurant where you can get all you can eat for 80RMB ($11). It was ok, actually no it was not really good at all. I guess getting fresh fish in Beijing still isn’t that easy. The sashimi was obviously previously frozen and as a result quite tasteless. The only thing I liked on their menu was the California rolls where they used a lot of the Japanese Kewpie Mayo – YUM! So yes, my heart still burns for the local cuisine first and foremost. You know I wouldn’t go to Paris to have Mexican food right? Why go to China to have Italian? Fusion may be the answer. You figure some Wai Guo Ren come into Beijing with their own ethnic foods mix it up with the local dishes and BAM (as Emerald would say), the rest is history. Asian fusion restaurants are now coming onto the scene now so I am looking forward to trying out these type of restaurants soon.

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