Trader Joe’s Tiramisu – Danielle Tarantino

Well I guess my obsession of Tiramisu didn’t go unchecked. Danielle brought in some Trader Joe’s brand Tiramisu last week. I was a little skeptical cause it isn’t handmade. But I was already sold when I saw the box:

trader joes tiramisuThe way the blocked square ridges of cake repeat themselves over the cake is in itself a display of modernist minimalism. The cartoon like look of the monolithic cake together with the ‘bite’ like hole in the cake plays on pop art imagery. Finally the way the title has been juxtaposed perpendicularly to the cake with the words ‘traditional’ sandwiched between the two ‘i’s of Tiramisu is somewhat a statement with Italian futurism undertones. Then of course there is the whole issue with industrial manufacturing and automated processing of the product which could lead into a discussion on Theodor Adorno, production, etc. Ok I guess I got a little out of hand on the box but you know I have to do something with my art history degree – ha ha.

Trader Joe’s Tiramisu – How’s It Taste?

First all, you have to remember this is a prepackaged product that is found in the frozen section of a supermarket. But the taste speaks for itself. It doesn’t have the rich creamy flavors as you would find in a handmade cake nor does it have the pleasurable rum aftertaste but all in all it’s a pretty good Tiramisu. I think it would be a great solution when you’re in a pinch for some Tiramisu. Thanks Danielle.
trader joes tiramisu cake

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