Top Gun Hot Pot Dim Sum Vancouver BC Canada

Top Gun Hot Pot Dim Sum Vancouver BC Canada

Unit 2228 Crystal Mall, 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby B.C.
Tel: 604-419-0788

Top Gun Hot Pot Dim Sum Vancouver BC Canada

Happy Holidays! I know it’s been ages and my only excuse is that I’ve recently been knee deep in completing final exams for grad school while tending my day job. Which is seriously no joke. Anyhow, to let you know I just invested in a new SLR camera (Nikon D90) and as I work on improving my photographic kung fu, I also hope to get this sorry-ass-2-posts/month food blog off the ground. No more slacking!

Let’s start!

Top Gun Hot Pot Dim Sum Vancouver BC Canada Last week, I was out in Vancouver BC Canada and yes it is an awesome city with amazing food (it’s sometimes called the Hong Kong of Canada). Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to visit a ton of restaurants because Vancouver was under siege by a weeklong snowstorm that essentially shut down all roads and transportation. Meanwhile, their metro subway system (SkyTrain) made me double think my complaints about NY’s MTA. Isn’t it comforting to think that Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics? Guess they have a few years to buy more than just one snow plow for the ENTIRE city. (Reminds me of Seattle)

Anyhow, I did make it out to 2 awesome dim sum places. One of which is memorably named Top Gun Hot Pot. Yo, isn’t that a fucking awesome name? IT’S SO AZN! Makes no sense in terms of associations with food but it certainly conjures up hard core masculinity (as should any Chinese business). I can already see the images of 80s Tom Cruise and Ice Man. But seriously no blond flat tops here, just great food. Top Gun Hot Pot has several restaurants that strategically cover all the regions of Vancouver – some specialize in hot pot and others specialize in sushi. We checked out the one in Burnaby in the Metrotown shopping center and since it was a little too early in the day to try Hot Pot, we opted for dim sum instead. Top Gun Hot Pot has a pretty full dim sum menu but curiously does not have all the classics such as Salty Pork & Duck Egg Congee. Then again, the fish congee that we ordered was very good. Something that I’ve never tried in HK or NY is the 3 mushroom rice noodle dish. The dish is a mix of oyster, Enokitake, and black mushrooms wrapped in a smooth blanket of rice noodles and steamed. Try it without the soy sauce first to get a true taste of the mushrooms for maximum effect. As for Hot Pot, I can see that on the technical side, that Top Gun Hot Pot is the real deal. For example, Top Gun has individual sunken burners and powerful ventilators at each table. The booths are also massive and can conveniently seat parties of eight or more. Someday, I’ll have to return and take the hot pot for a spin. You can be my wing man anytime dude.

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