Tizi Melloul Middle Eastern Chicago

Tizi Melloul Middle Eastern

531 N. Wells St.
Tizi Melloul Website Review

Still trying to track down a battery for my camera for photos. Sorry about that. Went last Friday for my friend James Wang’s bachelor party out in Chicago. Tizi Melloul is close to downtown about a 5 minute cab ride from the Hotel Intercontinental where we were staying. Tizi Melloul is a pretty swank Middle Eastern restaurant with red velvet walls, lamps and stained glass windows and skylights. I booked the crescent room which is private room that can be rented out to larger parties. It’s got a large domed ceiling and 2 curved tables and plush benches and cushioned seating. Surprisingly there was another party in the room about 7 women celebrating a birthday party. Already in a semi-haze from our rounds of beers at the bar, our group of 10+ bachelor party going screaming idiots introduced a boisterous wave of energy at near inappropriate levels to these poor women. We apologized in advance. They quickly blew out the candles of their birthday cake and stayed just long enough for the belly dancer. As an aside, I just went to Le Souk down in the East Village a few weeks ago for my friend Lisa Chau’s wedding engagement party and they had some real belly dancers plus a male belly dancer ( that’s another story.) Anyhow the belly dancer we had at Tizi Melloul was attractive and nice but she wasn’t exactly the best dancer. She didn’t have one of those money belts nor the finger snaps. The tipping was done on her sleeve or a money pouch, not on the belt around her waist (cause she wasn’t wearing the belt). It was still fun to watch anyhow.

The Food?

We started off with a salad and a plate of steamed mussels that were kind of bland. Then we were served a plate of couscous, rice with marinated lamb, chicken and fish skewers which was very good. This basically saved me from a serious hangover the next day. Finished off with Baklava and chocolate fondue.

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