Tiramisu – Darband Persian Restaurant 5th Ave Grill Downtown San Diego

Between Cedar and Beech on 5th Ave is Darband, a nice Persian Deli with some great sandwiches, grilled chicken plates, humus plates, etc. All the meals usually come with a green pepper that is amazingly spicy and very good. Some are hotter than others so it’s kind of a gamble. The sandwiches and the service is really good and I would recommend going here anytime. (Plus they sell cold Red Bull cheap at $2.00 /bottle including tax)

darband perisian 4th avenue grill san diego downtown

Today I got the tiramisu (after tasting a bite of Sabrina’s)

tiramisu close up

Sometimes you get Tiramisu and it’s totally soggy, has too much cream or doesn’t have any coffee taste. This one is pretty well balanced in all respects.

As a bonus, the tiramisu is sold individually sliced so you get a nice even coating of cream and plenty of sweet caramel syrup.
tiramisu 5th ave deli Persian San Diego

Take a look at the nice fluffy layers of cream and frosting with each bite of this tiramisu.
tiramisu close up shot

The tiramisu has a kick to it too – a subtle blend of aromatic coffee/espresso bitterness mixed with a sweet rum/Kahlua chocolate aftertaste. Perfect for getting through the afternoon!

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