The Pump Energy Food – Health Food Physical Fitness Restaurant

The Pump Energy Food

Health Food Physical Fitness Restaurant
40 West 55th Street
NY, NY 10019

Midtown Manhattan is kind of a desert in terms of good food. After the countless delis, pizza places, cheap Chinese, expensive Japanese, you kind of get sick of the selection. 9th avenue is kind of a hike from where I work. A few blocks north of MOMA is The Pump energy food restaurant. It’s a health food theme restaurant and when you walk in you see a wall of singed photos from famous sports celebrities, models, actors, musicians, etc. The Pump doesn’t fry their food – they bake and steam and they make the food made to order so it’s fresh. The ingredients are for the most part fresh . I got the Rookie Steak Burger ($7.00) which is a lean 6 oz steak burger served with grilled onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, a little low-sodium tomato sauce and melted non-fat mozzarella inside a toasted whole wheat pita. It was a mouthful and very tasty and surprisingly filling. They also have all kinds of shakes and smoothies, etc. I guess it’s pretty good food if you are sick of the greasy sandwiches you get on 48th street.

On a side note went out to Cafe Spice for happy hour ($4 mojitos!!!) just 2 doors away and while we went out to smoke we saw Foxy Brown nearly run over someone in her silver Bentley. She then dashed into a nail salon next door. Apparently she frequents this place quite often so if you’re a fan of hers stay clear of the street and hang out at Cafe Spice for drinks, etc. Have a nice weekend!

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