The Prime Burger : Buger is a burger is a burger. Ours is a Prime Burger!

The Prime Burger

5 E. 51st St., New York City
PH: 212-759-4729

Seems like 2 weeks ago I was eating nothing but noodles and this week it’s all about burgers. But who can’t resist a Prime Burger? The sign reads : A Burger is a Burger is a Burger, Ours is a Prime Burger. Since the 1960’s this famous hamburger destination coffee shop has been serving their famous All Prime Beef burgers in a stylish fashion to midtown office workers. It’s been written up in the NY Times numerous times, got a mention from the James Beard foundation, and was a celebrity choice place for Sarah Jessica Parker (probably cause Matthew Broderick so loves burgers) I took a bunch of my co workers down today to check it out. We were a party of 12 so we had to sit in the back tables and couldn’t really enjoy the quirky track seats in the front.

The Prime Burger Stylish Track Seats
The track seats are configured in modular fashion with a small wooden swiveling table. (F%@#$ I can’t wait till my camera is repaired). I promise I will go back and take photos cause if it isn’t just for the tasty burgers, it’s for these track chairs that this place is famous. Anyhow they remind me of those 1st row airline seats where the table tray lifts out of the arm rest and swivels over your lap. It’s pretty hilarious though when you see all these grown up adults facing each other eating burgers on these school like wooden chairs with their individual swivel trays. I will get a photo of this… The diner itself is decorated in a throw back 60’s modern decor. Or I should say, it has been decorated in this fashion since it opened. Think Formica, simulated wood grain, perforated brass light fixtures, etc. People love the interiors so much there’s an uproar at the mere mention of a remodeling at Prime Burger. The style extends to the employees : The waiters are all dressed in white jackets with bow ties. These guys are some of the most professional, enthusiastic waiters I’ve ever met at any diner.

Back to the burgers, today I order the Prime Burger Deluxe which comes with 2 four oz. prime beef cheeseburgers and a plate of fries for only $8.95. The fries are deep fried to a thick crunchy golden crust and are crunchy delicious. The burgers are amazing. You can’t beat a quality burger like this for the price. One of the juiciest burgers I’ve had in a long while. You can also get all the various combinations such as bacon hamburgers, mushroom burgers, etc. Shakes, curly fries, pancakes, it’s all here at the Prime Burger.

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