The Friars Club – Roasts – NY

The Friar’s Club

57 East 55th Street
New York City, New York 10022
Tel: 212-751-7272
Fax: 212-3550217

This week is adWeek and my company sponsored a texas hold ’em tournament at the Friars Club. Who was I to turn this down? The Friar’s club is a legendary restaurant, cigar smoking, hard liquor drinking club that is home to the famous roasts of celebrities. You’ve probably seen them on television with Billy Cristal or Dean Martin. At the Friar’s Club there’s several rooms are named after these celebrities such as the Frank Sinatra Room, the Billy Crystal Room, the Milton Berle Room, the William B Williams Room and the George Burns Room. Once inside your treated to rich wood paneling and ornate imported Italian marble. We had our event on the 2nd floor which I believe is the Milton Berle room. The event had trays and trays of filet mignon, roast beef, roast chicken, pasta, and the bar was completely a free for all. I love this company. The poker was for jokers however – a bunch of posers wearing their red satin shirt collars OVER their suit jackets and large mirrored aviator glasses. Sorry guys, although all members of the Rat Pack hung out in these bars, this still isn’t Vegas. The poker was really for our clients so to take the edge off we played some blackjack in the back room. (Too bad I didn’t have a camera to capture these losers) Pretty memorable night though. The food was excellent and impressive and so was the surroundings. I felt like I was in an old gentlemen’s club replete with the squeaky leather armchairs and dimmed chandelier lighting.

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