Thai Asian Cuisine Restaurant Key West

thai cuisine restaurant key west

Thai Cuisine Restaurant

513 Greene, Key West, Florida
Phone: (305) 294.9424

Despite the many gourmet restaurants in Key West, your choices for Asian fare are limited. At the end of Duval on Greene street in Old Town Key West, you’ll find 2 Asian restaurants : a Sushi Restaurant and a Thai restaurant named Thai Cuisine – yeah it’s not the most creative name but since the sushi restaurant was empty and there was a lot of people at the Thai restaurant we checked it out.

Started off with a Tom Yum Soup which was quite tasty (a little on the salty side for me):
tom yum soup thai cuisine key west

The penang chicken was pretty good. The curry sauce had a nice spice to it and had a noticeable lemon grass flavor.
thai asian cuisine penang chicken key west

The spicy red snapper was a great choice as well. It comes with spicy red sauce that is drizzled over deep fried pieces of filleted red snapper:
thai cuisine key west : spicy red snapper

We finished with a dish of fried bananas and ice cream:
fried bananas thai asian cuisine key west

The food here overall was quite nice and the service was excellent. In addition to the indoor restaurant, there’s an outdoor patio that is adjacent to the sidewalk. It makes for great casual dinning with candle lit dinner tables and a soft cool breeze drifting in from the nearby seaport.

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