Sushi Deli 2 Downtown San Diego Bento Box Catapillar Rolls

sushi deli 2 downtown san diegoThere’s a lot of sushi options in San Diego but for a quick sushi lunch special solution in downtown, Sushi Deli 2 is one of my favorites. It’s right next to Horton Plaza on Broadway (next to the Baja Fresh). The pickup window is really quick and you can go in and grab your meals within minutes. Sushi Deli 2 has a lot of lunch specials for around $5, but Sushi Deli 2 also have a full sushi bar with a few sushi chefs to prepare your lunch right before you. Alcoholic drinks are also available.

Sushi Deli 2
135 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 233-3072
Sushi Deli 2

Today’s Friday Sushi lunch special for $7.99 included:
-Sesame Chicken
-California Rolls
sushi deli 2 downtown san diego bento box

I had the Caterpillar Roll which is a sushi hand roll with cucumbers, avocado and glazed unagi (eel) sprinkled with sesame seeds.
Caterpillar roll sushi deli 2 downtown san diego

It’s packed with flavor – the sweet glaze of the unagi is great with the avocado and sweet rice.
caterpillar roll sushi deli 2 downtown san diego

According to their website, Sushi Deli 2 is the first Sushi restaurant in downtown San Diego to serve affordable fresh Sushi since 1983. That’s exactly what it is – affordable fresh sushi. It’s not high end gourmet quality like Sushi On the Rocks up on La Jolla, but overall it’s good for the price. I only had one not-so-pleasant experience here at night when my friend Gisa was visiting. (Then again I was on some low carb kick back then so probably ordered something horrible anyhow) We had sushi for dinner and it wasn’t too fresh. Lunch time sushi has never been a problem however.

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  • The food here may be good, but the customer service is a far cry. The attitude is: if we get your business, fine; if not, no big deal. This place thinks an awful lot of itself. So much so…I left and will never return. Turned-off by Sushi Deli Too’s attitude. There are many other establishments that value their customers and offer “as good” or better cuisine. It almost makes you feel like they are doing you a favor by letting you eat there.

  • The sushi deli is great if you want a lot of sushi and don’t care about the quality. It’s not the best made, falls apart easily and I don’t know who wrote they think the cashier is great (if it’s the big girl she’s a witch) And I agree with the person who said there is little to be desired with the staff. There are a few who I will actually tip and like but the majority of them treat customers pretty piss poor. It’s a shame the business could really be great and note worthy if the employees were better to customers. I went in once right at lunch time, there were three other tables full and my friend and I were there and his brother was around the corner parking the car and the snatch cashier was trying to play “GOD” with the whole, “if your whole party isn’t here you can’t sit down” BS…. she tried to tell me that it was lunch rush (right with the place EMPTY and only three other tables occupied ??? WHATEVER) He literally was right around the corner. I asked if it was really worth not sitting us or a matter of national security? She just kept being a witch until one of the few nice waitresses sat us at a table for 4 because my friend is a little bigger so we requested it and about 3 minutes later his brother showed up. REALLY!!! Is it worth being stupid over a few minutes when there is NO wait????? I’ve been there when they have a “list” and most of the people have left. Go figure.

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