Super Hot Green Jalapeno Peppers

Hot Jalapeno Peppers! Darband, the Persian restaurant near our office always provides a single green jalapeno pepper with each meal. This in turn provides our office with endless laughs during lunch. Maybe because the ‘hustlers’ within all of us like to challenge each other with stupid bets or dares for who can eat more of the jalapeno pepper. The real fun is the random factor to these peppers. On some days they’re really mild and on others they’re extremely spicy. Today’s victim was Danielle. It was her first taste of the pepper and she kind of got burned. Ronnie swears on his life that he’ll never eat another one of these peppers (he took a huge bite once and was basically foaming at the mouth for 20 minutes until someone ran across the street to buy him some milk to soothe his mouth).

hot jalapeno peppers darband persian restaurant

If you take a close up look, you can see the packed seeds within the jalapeno:
jalapeno pepper darband persian restaurant

Some of the ‘secrets’ or strategies to eating these peppers is to

  • Try not to eat the center of the pepper (That’s where a lot of the oils and seeds are).
  • Have a tall glass of cold milk nearby – the fats in the milk dissolves the spices in the seed oils
  • Rice also works to a certain extent
  • Sunil claims his father eats jalapeno peppers as if they’re potato chips – several at a time. This is something I’d definitely pay to see.

    3 thoughts on “Super Hot Green Jalapeno Peppers”

    • Darband in Tarzana? Love the place.

      Its funny how peppers, even those I buy from the same farmer on the same day, can vary so much. I make a lot of chiles rellenos with pasilla peppers and sometimes they are sweet and mild, almost like a green bell pepper, and other times they scorch my mouth off!

    • Funny stuff. That’s what makes Mexican food so much fun. You’re never sure how much heat you’re going to get – and of course, the joy of watching the suffering of people who just can’t take the heat.

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