Super Brunch @ Supercore Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Super Brunch @ Supercore Williamsburg Brooklyn NY


305 Bedford Avenue (bet S 1st and S 2nd)
Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Hey – did you know that it’s already spring? March 20th was the official day of the Vernal Equinox! Based on the random mix of warm and cold days we’ve had in the past week in NY I know it’s been hard to tell. There was one sign of the start of the spring season that I could not help notice – the back yard space was open at Supercore! That is a great sign too because it now means you can enjoy Supercore’s music (live on Sundays), food, beer/cocktails, and free wireless from their nice relaxing outdoor space.

Much like the mix of music they play, Supercore dishes up a menu with a mix of Japanese and Western roots. Some would classify their food as Japanese Tapas but I’m not sure if I totally agree with this terminology. There are a lot of strictly western dishes, some supercore strictly Japanese dishes and then dishes that feature the best of both worlds. Over the weekend, I checked out brunch with a friend and we tried out the crepes and their famous super omelette. On the menu, the crepes are all listed as dessert crepes but you can custom order and get a savory one with ham and cheese if you so desire. I got the salmon and cheese omelette which comes with a side of potatoes, salad and sliced baguette. The omelette is obscenely huge – I figure at least 6-8 eggs in this at least. I would call this more of a quiche even.

I can’t wait till spring is in full bloom this year so I take advantage of all the great outdoor spaces in Brooklyn. I’m already thinking about the outdoor parties at Water Taxi Beach and the street fairs down in DUMBO. No worries – I will of course be diligently blogging about all of them for you!

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