Sunshine Jamaican Kitchen New York

sunshine jamaican kitchen new york

Sunshine Jamaican Kitchen

145th Street @ St. Nicholas Avenue
Hamilton Heights, New York
212 368 4972

Was up in Hamilton Heights a few days ago checking out sublets. Just off of the A train subway stop are an interesting cluster of business establishments. On one corner was Glama Rama beauty supply shop, then there’s Phat Cribs International Real Estate and Sistas Beauty Salon. But what really caught my eye was the line of patrons outside of Jamaican Kitchen so I decided to check it out. It’s a take out place only and they installed the Plexiglas serving window:
sunshine jamaican kitchen
My FiveBucks cup is kind of in the way, but you can see here how the food and money are passed within the Plexiglas security tunnel. When I lived in New York back in 2000 I used to go to a really good fried chicken place in Harlem on 117th Street and Lenox (it’s gone now ;-( ) and they had bullet proof Plexiglas on their’s.

Anyhow I was told by some of the customers that the fish was worth trying out but they were unfortunately out at the time so I ordered the Curry Goat instead. Yeah Goat. Turns out it tastes a lot like lamb which makes sense. It comes with plantains, seasoned rice and some mixed vegetables for a price of only $5.50 . The curry was slow cooked with whole bones with the marrow intact giving this dish an amazing home cooked flavor.
curry goat sunshine jamaican kitchen new york
Since they didn’t have any seating, I took the A train down to Columbus Circle and ate my tasty meal by the fountain. If only all the tourists down there knew tasty Jamaican Curry goat was only a 25 minute train ride away.

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