Straight Talk Texas: Joe T Garcias Tex Mex, Del Frisco’s Steaks, Flying Saucer Beer

Straight Talk Texas: Joe T Garcias Tex Mex, Del Frisco’s Steaks, Flying Saucer House Of Beers

2201 N. Commerce
Fort Worth, TX 76106

joe t garcias mexican restaurant and bar ft worth texas Travelled out to Ft Worth Texas last week for work. I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of food having only been to Texas only one other time in my life. But I have to say the Texan hospitality immediately alleviated any fears of being steered into the wrong direction. For example, when I arrived it was hot and humid and without saying a word, the check in staff at the Embassy Suites (a great hotel btw) suggested relaxing at the Flying Saucer pub a block away. Having arrived in the early evening the night prior to our client meeting, I have to say enjoying a pint at the Flying Saucer was the perfect way to cool off and prepare.

joe t garcias mexican food restaurant ft worth texas For dinner, I joined a coworker and went down to the legendary Joe T Garcia’s Tex Mexican restaurant. This time it was a suggestion from the valet at the hotel. I swear this town is awesome, you ask and they immediately give you a straight answer. No fucking around as my coworker pointed out. “Want a good time? Go here, order XXX and drink XXX”. I thought people in NY were direct, but this brings it to a whole new level. Historically speaking, Joe T Garcia’s has been a local favorite in Ft Worth since 1935. WAY before Chevy’s popularized Tex Mex cuisine, so it was especially nice to try out the real deal. At Joe T’s they only have 2 items on the menu – enchiladas and fajitas. Usually when a restaurant only has a handful of menu items it means that they either do them really well or they haven’t figured out how to make anything else better. It this case, it’s not the latter situation and by the way did I mention that the portions are enormous? This is Texas afterall. Kunal and I split one order of beef fajitas along with a bowl of queso (melted cheese mixed with jalapeños and ham). Although it was a Monday night and it was pretty calm at Joe T Garcia’s, we were told that on weekends this place takes off with lots of college students taking advantage of the margarita specials. Nice.

ft worth texas stockyards longhornsThe next day we had our meeting at an agency that happened to be located smack in the middle of the Ft Worth Stockyards. Known as the Wall Street of the west, the Ft Worth Stockyards was the hottest spot for cattle exchange processing millions of cattle per year in the early 20th century. Today, livestock is still sold via satellite feeds and we luckily just made our meeting 2 mins before the daily cattle herd paraded down the main street.

del frisco rib eye steak ft worth texas Speaking of stockyards and livestock, for dinner that night it was hard to resist a juicy steak at Del Frisco’s. We actually had planned on taking our clients out to the famous Reata restaurant where they serve ‘calf fries’ made from bull testicles (nice isn’t it?) but rumor has it that Google beat us out and rented out the entire roof deck for their clients. Show offs! Whatever… The steak at Del Frisco’s was awesome anyhow albeit no ‘calf fries’ on the menu there. I guess that will have to wait till my next future visit to Texas.

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