Spring Liver Cleanse Conclusion: Easter Brunch – Easter Braid Bread Recipe

Easter Brunch – Easter Braid Bread Recipe

easter brunch 2009

We celebrated our final completion of the Spring Liver cleanse diet by hosting an Easter Brunch at our house with our friends. On the menu was an Easter Braid bread, a 2 layer German Buckwheat Lingonberry cream cake, fresh breakfast rolls, homemade waffles, dyed Easter eggs, salad (of course), and an assortment of delicious spreads for the bread (cheeses, hummus, butter, jam). OMG!! First off, I haven’t had coffee, bread, butter, cheese, sugar, syrup, meat and eggs for 3 weeks so it was a mind blowing enlightening experience to even break off a piece of warm bread, smother it with butter and chew it in my mouth. The chewy textures of the bread, the creamy butter and the crunchy seeds were all so new and unfamiliar.

Then there’s the coffee.

The warmth of the cup, the acrid smell, swishing the gritty bitter coffee between my teeth, followed by the final rush of caffeine that almost knocked me to the floor – so much so that I had to excuse myself and have a smoke outside with a friend (I don’t even smoke!). Alcohol? I was already tipsy after 2 sips of wine!

But alas, our orgy of new culinary delights was cut short when our newly shrunken stomachs from the diet reached full capacity with just half a bread roll!!! Crazy isn’t it? But to be honest even after having a slice of bacon a few days later, I kind of miss the simple flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables. Not to say I am going to give up meat, alcohol and caffeine but I can honestly say after doing the 3 week vegan/vegetarian liver cleanse diet I have a new appreciation of the basic fresh foods. I would be happy having as my main dish for dinner a plate of grilled asparagus and red peppers seasoned with garlic and sea salt or replace a grilled rib eye with a steamed portabella mushroom (ok maybe not). In conclusion – the spring liver cleanse was a great idea and Gisa and I have decided to do the liver cleanse again in the summer time. Until then, we are back to eating our favorite liver <unfriendly> foods.

Easter Braid Bread Recipe by Gisa Hartmann:easter braid bread recipe

1 3/4 cups of whole wheat flour
1 cup and a bit of all purpose flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon of lemon zest
1 sachet of dry yeast
1/5 cup of butter
150 ml milk
250 g greek yoghurt

mix flour, sugar, lemon zest
dissolve butter in warm milk, add yeast and wait till activates
add yoghurt and add to flous mix, knead
let it rise to about double the original size
knead again
divide into three pieces, roll to long tubes
let rise for another 20-30 mins
if you like add almons slices and coarse sugar on top of bread
bake at 350°F for about half hour

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