Sportello Restaurant and Drink Cocktail Bar Fort Point Boston

Sportello Restaurant and Drink Cocktail Bar Fort Point Boston

Sportello Restaurant and Drink Cocktail Bar Boston

348 Congress St
Fort Point Boston
617 737 1234

I met up with my cousin Alan after work this week in Boston and we checked out the Sportello Restaurant and the Drink Cocktail bar in the supposedly trendy Fort Point neighborhood of South Boston.

Upstairs at Sportello, a zig zagging countertop (no tables) and an open kitchen makes for a unique casual dining experience that’s probably not much different from hanging out at your gourmet chef friend’s kitchen and eating at the counter. From the vantage of the countertop you can see (and smell) your dish being prepared right before your eyes. Brown apron clad servers walk about serving dishes in tandem with the standard black and white colored uniformed chefs.

We started with the veal sweetbreads served with thinly sliced turnips over a fresh mild salsa. It was suggested and challenged by the waitress and it was good. For entree, I had the special which honestly I don’t remember the exact ingredients but it had noodles, bacon and duck fat (yes). It was also very good (of course).

Drink Cocktail Bar Boston

348 Congress St
Boston, MA 02228
(617) 695-1806

Next we went downstairs to Drink, which by the way also has the zig zag countertop, and had a few cocktails. Now the funny thing I have to say is that on average most of the Yelp reviews for Drink go something like “OMG it was so hard to find, but it was great”, ” … great hidden secret basement bar .. in middle of nowhere..”, etc. I guess coming from NY it’s not unusual to find bars in unusual places especially the basement. Come on Boston, it had a nameplate on the door anyways – most ‘cool’ places in NY don’t.

But Drink is definitely a ‘cool’ place and the cocktails are incredible. It’s an example of pure alchemic brilliance and mad fucking bartending skills to get a awesome drink out of (check this out): Gin, Ginger Beer, and St Germain over hand crushed ice with a dash of chipotle flavored tobasco sauce. The surprising result brings you back to a taste of a spicy sugary bbq washed down with an iced lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. Amazing! I asked the bartender about equally awesome bars in NY and he wrote down a list for me. Stay tuned for future blog posts (with street directions for you Yelp’ers)….

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