Spanish Harlem Summer BBQ Blockparty

spanish harlem bbq block party

Spanish Harlem Barbeque Blockparty

BBQ Street Party
East 111th Street between 5th Ave and Lexington Ave

Over the weekend the temperatures rose 20 degrees to the upper 90s. Up in Spanish Harlem it seemed a little hotter than that cause it’s time spanish harlem bbq block partyfor the Summer BBQ Block party. A lot of these BBQ parties in Harlem are often impromptu neighborhood parties on the sidewalk but occasionally you’ll find huge organized parties that take up entire street blocks with a few live DJs spinning out sets of Meringue / Hip Hop while locals going wild and dancing on the street. The streets are usually lined with bbq food vendors, alcohol vendors and a variety of really delicious Spanish food. Unlike those tourist trap block parties you find down in Little Italy or Times Square most of the food vendors here are not from commercial restaurants but rather from enterprising moms and pops who dish out the same tasty authentic dishes that they cook for themselves at home. It’s a great opportunity to try out some really special varieties that you can’t find in restaurants. spanish harlem bbq block party I kind of arrived late today so a lot of the vendors were already packing up. I was looking around for some bbq ribs because the ones I’ve tried in the past are legendary. Today the bbq ribs were all gone so I opted for some BBQ chicken and pork on skewers. It was a little overcooked and the chicken was a little dry but the pork was very good. I crossed Madison ave over to wards Lexington and discovered a little beer garden on the corner of East 111 and Madison. It’s got tables, couches and a small kitchen. That’s awesome – I’ll have to come back to hit that sometime.

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