Southern Airlines China – Airplane Food

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Southern Airlines China – Airplane Food

If you ever get the chance to fly one of the local airlines in Asia, definitely take the opportunity. It’s kind of like taking a trip back in time to the golden era of flight in the 50s’-60s. One of the first things you’ll notce when you board are the flight attendants. They are all young women with similar makeup, hair, uniform, etc. Apparently it is still a high status symbol to be a flight attendant in China – you have to be relatively attractive, young and bilingual. I heard that on Singapore Airlines, they only hire models and they fire them when they reach 30 years old!

The service is excellent on these flights. The flight attendants actually seem to enjoy helping you – eventhough half of the time they just put on one of those fake pressed-lips smiles.

Another thing that you’ll notice is that they actually serve a full meal on these flights. Most of the time it’s a Chinese meal with rice, a meat dish and vegetables but one time I had the option of having a burger (it was horrible – microwaved, soggy and disgusting). Definitely eat what everyone else is ordering – there’s a safe bet it’s more fresh. Beer is a free beverage anyways so you can down a few of these if you’re skeptical about the meal. Flying in the US I’ve gotten used to horrible airline food and now that they practically don’t serve meals at all anymore so it’s kind of a nice surprise to get one on the plane. On several occassions I’ve had some pretty good meals. The one in the picture above features rice, pork, cabbage & carrots as the entree along with a cold meat appetizer, some random cherry tomatoes, bread, and a flan-like dessert that wasn’t too good. Overall it wasn’t too bad.

Anyways all I have to say was that it was a stark contrast flying in these planes and then getting on a Continental flight from Beijing to NY. The flight attendants on this crew just didn’t cater to the passengers on the same level as what I’ve experienced flying in China.

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