Soba Ya Japanese Restaurant New York ( Revisited )

sobaya japanese restaurant east village new york

Soba Ya Japanese Restaurant

230 E 9TH St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 533-6966

Went back to Soba Ya again to try out the fresh Soba noodles and a few other interesting dishes. Soba, if you don’t know is a thin buckwheat noodle that can be served cold or hot in a broth. Here at Soba Ya Japanese restaurant, the soba noodles are hand made and are very fresh and tasty. soba ya japanese restaurant appetizers Soba Ya is a great alternative to all of those trendy sushi restaurants on E9th street. Soba Ya also has a great selection of tempura based dishes. We sat over at the bar this time and ordered a combination of 3 popular cold appetizers : including mountain spring vegetables in soy sauce (yes that is what the cook / waitress said they were called), marinated Chinese Broccoli, and my favorite marinated Hijiki Seaweed Salad. The dishes are prepared right before you at the bar, but its more like she just scoops it off of the plate. Sing joked that if she wasn’t watching we could just help ourselves and refill the tiny plates with appetizers. haha! soba ya appetizers japanese restaurant All in all the appetizers were pretty good, but as most Japanese dishes don’t expect to get full off of them because the portions are very small. Next we ordered a bowl of cold Soba Noodles in a soy sauce broth. Cold soba noodles is a great dish especially when you just want something light during the summer months. We finished our meal with Unagi ( eel ) over rice
unagi over rice soba ya japanese restaurant
Unagi is one of my favorite Japanese dishes so this was a treat. Unagi is also quite easy to make. At most Japanese grocery markets look in the frozen section for Unagi. All you need to do is steam some rice in a rice cooker and when the rice is about 80% done (no more liquid) add in the defrosted unagi to heat it up. The sauce that it is marinated in will run into the rice and give it the flavor you’re looking for. Enjoy!

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