Soba Ya – Japanese Restaurant New York NY

Here’s another one from Sing:

“Went to Soba ya for brunch. It is in the heart of east village on nine street just off of St marks and on weekends this Homey Soba shop is fill with east village hipsters… mostly Asian kids : )

japanese restaurant sobya new york

All the Soba is home made / hand made:
soba noodles

The Japanese mostly like chilled Soba..they said Soba is best when it’s chilled. But I had mine in soup since it’s kinda cold out. but it’s also good 🙂

Check out all the side dishes as well:

and the dessert… strawberry tofu pudding… so silky and smooth… not too sweet with a hint of Strawberry mmmm… I sometimes come here just for this : )
strawberry tofu pudding

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