So you wanna be a food blogger? Take a class . .


Food blogging classes at ICE

So I wrote about the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) awhile back where I took some great cooking classes. Some of these included a fantastic Thai class as well as a fun Cakes and pastry class. I’m actually thinking about taking a Korean BBQ class soon. I was browsing the catalog the other day however and came across some really crazy classes that they’ve added to their recreational section. Stuff on the verge of Learning Annex material – such as a Food Blogging class? It’s a one day session for $70.

You’ve got to be kidding – I mean ok I’m not like a professional blogger nor a ‘foodie’ (hate that word) who writes for the NY times or whatnot but blogging is just about personal expression. You don’t need to have any particular style. It’s taught by Andrea Strong from – I like her website it’s got a lot of great info about the scene and her posts/reviews are among the best here in NY. I just still don’t know why anyone would need to take a food blogging class. Let’s put it this way, if you are reading this blog or find yourself reading food blogs, then you obviously have an interest in food. Now all you have to do is write about it. Get an MSN Spaces, Blogger, WordPress or Typepad account and away you go. Just as funny though is a class for Chinese take out food. You can learn how to make the infamous General Tsao’s Chicken, etc. Nice!

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