Singha Thai Food Restaurant Chicago

Singha Thai Food - Chicago

Singha Thai Food Restaurant Chicago

Singha Thai Restaurant
340 N Clark (Cross Street: Kinzie Street)
Chicago, IL
(312) 467-0300

Been traveling to Chicago quite frequently this year and I usually end up staying at the Westin River North on N Clark. Not like I have anything against the food at the Westin, but it’s hard to resist great Thai food at great prices just across the street. I got a chicken pad thai to go lunch special that was only $7.00 and I honestly could not power through the ridiculously large portions that they dole out. The food is not very spicy which may be because of the locale (it’s in the center of a corporate Chicago neighborhood) but they do provide the firepower in sauces that they hand out on the side for you to adjust accordingly. I think this is smart because sometimes I go to these Thai restaurants in NY and the curry is just unbelievably spicy (I can usually take a pretty good amount too) and where do you go from there? I can only order so many Thai Iced Teas or Singha beers. Anyways, I don’t know Chicago too well outside of this area (Please send me your suggestions!!) but I would recommend going here. They also have these funky cushion seats where you hang your legs into a pit below the raised table – it gives you the illusion that your kneeling down on the tables. Enjoy! ( I just went to a great Thai Restaurant in Queens over the weekend so I’ll be posting about this soon)

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  • Go south down I-65 and visit Jasmine Thai or Thai Cafe
    in Indianapolis. Both are exquisite. I spent a year in
    Thailand at Utapao Air Base near Sattahip. We had a
    house at Pattaya Beach. Every “pooyeng” in town knew
    about the house.
    Righteous blog.


  • When you’re in Chicago next… you have to try TAC QUICK or Miss Asia. Ask for the translated Thai menu @ TQ. You will be AMAZED.

    -Thai Foodie

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