Shipwreck Landing Bar Restaurant Live Music St John US Virgin Islands

St John US Virgin Islands Vacation
From Cruz Bay:
104 to 10East
7 miles till Jct 107 South
1.5 miles along Jct 107

Of all the meals on our trip to the US Virgin Islands, Shipwreck Landing was one of my most memorable. It started out with a drive out to the far East end of the Island where we had some nice conch fritters (huge) at Vie’s Snack Shop and then back over the haulover bay for a 2 hour snorkel and kayak tour. St John US Virgin Islands Vacation

Shipwreck Landing Bar Restaurant Live Music St John US Virgin Islands

If you want to get away from the tourists at Trunk Bay, this is the place to go. Be sure to book a tour with . These guys take you to untouched spots with ancient coral and make it fun and educational at the same time. There’s practically no one else around in the entire bay! Anyways that night we drove back to the East side and checked out Shipwreck Landing. They had a live jazz band playing by the bar that night and we were told to try the grouper special. St John is mostly volcanic rock so there isn’t much as far as locally grown food. Even fish is usually shipped in frozen from the other islands, except for grouper which is apparently quite plentiful in these waters. It was also Gisa’s birthday and I tried to surprise her but some girls hanging out at the bar overheard me telling the waitress and spoiled the surprise. Despite that, the cake over ice cream was awesome. A very mellow, fun place to hang out and have some drinks, enjoy live music and eat amazing food. Check it out!

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