Shaved Ice Central Park New York

shaved ice lady central park new york

Shaved Ice Central Park Spanish Harlem

With the onset of summer, brings a lot of new street vendors and foods in New York. You’ll still find the Halal meat vendors, the hot dogs, pretzels, fruits and fruit shakes, and nuts 4 nuts carts, but you’ll also find more street vendor foods catered for the hot weather. Up in Spanish Harlem you’ll find the shaved ice vendors. It was a pretty nice day and Sing and I walked around the Harlem Meer lake. Just on 110th St (Central Park North) at Lenox at the 2 / 3 subway entrance was a shaved ice vendor. Today she was there with all of her various flavors. Sing got the coconut flavor and I got the rainbow which is a mixture of orange, strawberry, some green flavoring and blueberry.

rainbow and coconut shaved ice central park new york

The coconut has a rich creamy flavor with large pieces of real coconut mixed into the shaved ice. The rainbow on the other hand was a little too much I think. It was too sugary for my taste. Great for a sugar rush until the insulin shock sets in. Not to mention the colored tongue you’ll have for awhile:
shaved ice central park new york

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