Saito’s Sushi Japanese Cafe Bar Seattle WA

Saito’s Sushi Japanese Cafe Bar

2122 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
206 728 1333

Back in Seattle for a business trip this week. I’m staying in downtown and had a serious craving for some fresh sushi – especially since the last time I tried the Toro Sushi at Wasabi Bistro I looked around and read a few food blogs to find other places in the downtown area. Saitos Sushi was mentioned several times as well as Toyoda Sushi from which got some good reviews except it was closed on Tuesdays (today). So I decided to walk down to Saito’s which is actually on the same street as Wasabi Bistro Sushi anyhow.

Empty Sushi
I guess Tuesday is a slow night cause every restaurant I passed by tonight was nearly empty. Where is everyone tonight? My co-worker Jorge was going to come out for drinks but stayed in his hotel to watch the ladies olympic skating event – maybe that’s what everyone else is doing tonight? (He said he’s going to watch some WWF afterwards to regain his manhood – LOL)

Sushi Making Kit
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Omakase Sushi Tonight
Since the restaurant was empty, I was able to get a front row seat at the sushi bar. It sucks that I didn’t have my camera, but it was a treat to watch the master chef prepare my Omakase tonight. As he rolled each piece of sushi rice in his hand, he nodded his head in a determined fashion and within about 10 minutes he produced a beautiful plate of nigiri sushi. I tried all of the following for just $35:

Maguro Sushi
Hamachi Sushi
Sake Sushi
Hotategai Sushi
Suzuki Sushi
Unagi Sushi
Mirugai Sushi
Shimofuri Toro
Aji Sushi
Kohada Sushi
Tai Sushi

My favorites were the Toro, Hamachi, and Aji. I’m probably going to check out Wasabi again with my coworker Louis this week so I can do a mental comparison of the Toro but nevertheless it totally blows away the sushi I’ve had in New York. Especially for the price. I would love to come back and try the sushi rolls here as well.

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